Cultural Tours


Monologue with a character from the Story: The Lady of the Embroidered Handkerchief

Come to visit the temporary exhibition Strokes of Heroism in the company of this mysterious lady, who came out from the canvas to tell you her experiences.


Responsible Insectivores | School Visits

Ciudad de México, México

Old College of San Ildefonso

February 02 2020

Guided Visit to the Chapel of the Novice

Estado de México, Tepotzotlán

National Museum of Viceroyalty

December 29 2019


Guided Visits

Tamayo Museum

May 07 to December 31 2019

Sump of Dolores

Museum of Natural History

July 04 to December 31 2019

Mexico City’s Zócalo (Main Square)

December 14 2019 to January 06 2020