Children’s activities


The Little Mermaid

The charming color of the sea, the entertainment, and the dangers that the Little Mermaid must challenge to be able to reach the love of her prince.


The Tales Eraser

Ciudad de México, México

Juana Cata

June 30 2019

La Fontaine’s Fables

Ciudad de México, México

Dolores Olmedo Museum

June 29 2019


The Tales Eraser

Juana Cata

April 07 to June 30 2019

El Cantoral

July 28 2019

National Center of Arts (Cenart)

August 24 to 25 2019

A World for Everyone

La Teatrería

June 08 to August 31 2019

Milan Theater

June 26 to September 25 2019

Here It Is!

Culture Secretariat

December 17 2018 to December 31 2019