The Chamber Orchestra of Fine Arts

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF FINE ARTS Its origins date back to 1951 when the first Chamber Orchestra of Fine Arts performed as an independent group at Manuel M. Ponce Hall, conducted by Luis Herrera de la Fuente. In 1956 it was replaced by Yolopatli Orchestra of the National Conservatory formed by the most outstanding students of the professors Smilowitz and Hartman. In 1958 the National Institute of Fine Arts institutionalized it.

Its art directs have been Hermilo Novelo, José Guadalupe Flores, Manuel de Elías, Ildefonso Cedillo, Francisco Savín, Luis Samuel Saloma, Enrique Barrios and Juan Trigos.

In the last decade it has acquired great projection in the national and international fields, with successful tours across Mexico, USA and Brazil, representing Mexico at Expo-Lisboa '98 and Expo-Hannover 2000 in Germany, is has had the participation of soloist such as Ramón Vargas, Gil Shaham, Leila Josefowicz, Bella Davidovich, Paul Badura-Skoda, Jorge Federico Osorio, Santiago Rodríguez, Pascal Rogé and Manuel Barrueco.

The Chamber Orchestra of Fine Arts has increased yearly its number of listeners in regular seasons, as well as in the performance of social concerts, in order to bring classical music to those people who has no access to these artistic expressions.