Archeological sites

El Tajín, Prehispanic City


State of Veracruz Category: Archaeological site Cultural criteria: (iii) (iv)



Calakmul is the most important city in the Classic Maya Period and along with Tikal and Palenque led the political organ...



Plazuelas is a site located in the foothills of the Hills of Pénjamo in Guanajuato. It’s a settlement that like others in the north of Mexico we...

Monte Albán


It was one of Mesoamerica’s most important pre-Hispanic cities. Erected over the top of a mountain in the middle of th...


Estado de México

The region where the site is located was inhabited by local groups since the Preclassic Period. According to mythologica...

Tlatelolco Archaeological Zone

Ciudad de México

Tlatelolco means “mound of sand”, and was the most important commercial center of Pre-Hispanic Mexico; its name translated to Náhuatl is inter...

Santa Cecilia Acatitla

Estado de México

The site was related to Tenayuca on its early stages, although later on it was under the influence of The Triple Alliance. A Chac Mool sculpture wa...

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