Archeological sites

El Vallecito

Baja California

It is located at 1,300 meters above sea level and is consisted of over 23 sets of anthropomorphous and geometrical paint...

Estuary of the Copalita River


The earliest occupation of this settlement dates from the Middle Preclassic period, when the construction of ceremonial ...



Placed at the bank of Tlapaneco River, this archaeological zone is a reminder of a population center which was occupied since the Post Classic Peri...


Quintana Roo

The settlement is consisted by residential units and civic and ceremonial architectonic complexes, surrounded by fertile lands for farming. One of ...


Quintana Roo

Magnificent examples of wall painting can be observed in this site, especially in the building known as Edificio de los ...


Quintana Roo

The Dzibanché-Kinichná complex was consisted by four groups of monumental architecture, each one with specific functio...



Xcalumkín was an important Mayan settlement of the Classical period, its remains are extended on an average area of 10 square kilometers (4 square...

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