Archeological sites

Las Labradas


In the site there are over 600 early engravings created on volcanic stone with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, phytomorphic...

Atzompa Monumental Complex


Atzompa was one of Monte Albán’s monumental complexes. One of the peculiarities of the archaeological zone is the exi...

Sierra de San Francisco

Baja California Sur

The site is consisted of several cave paintings in the Gran Mural (Great Mural) style, where at some places enormous pan...

Los Melones

Estado de México

It is one of the few sites with architectonic evidence of the Alcohua cultural tradition. It seems that the region known...



Teopanzolco is an archaeological site of the valley of Morelos, whose earliest evidence of occupation can be traced back to the Middle Post-Classic...



The most important contributions of Izapa are the relief sculpture and the building of sets of stelae and altars. The sculptures integrate commemor...

El Conde

Estado de México

One of the last examples of the civilian architecture of the Late Postclassic Period is preserved in the site. According...

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