Archeological sites


Quintana Roo

The site had links with settlements in northern Belize and southern Quintana Roo on earlier periods, a relationship that later was broken, while it...

Archaeological Site of Cholula


The federal zone is located between the municipalities of San Pedro Cholula and San Andres Cholula in the state of Puebla. Its name comes from the ...



It was an important Pre-Hispanic settlement during the Late Classic Period in which it established itself as an independ...



This site has standing monumental architecture of the Puuc style in its earliest expressions, which enhances its magnificence with vegetation surro...

Cueva Grande


This site also belongs to the settlements known as “casas acantilado” (Cliff Dwellings), built by migrant peoples from north to south belonging...

Las Flores


Las Flores is a representative site of the Postclassic Period of the Huasteca Culture; it was consisted of more than 20 ...

La Sabana


La Sabana was one of the great settlements along the Costa Chica and Acapulco with monumental characteristics, with an extension of 334 hectares (8...

La Ferreria


It's the most important site of Chalchihuites culture in its Guadiana branch, which had a maximum extension until El Zape, in the north of the stat...

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