Children’s activities


The Happy Prince

The statue of the Happy Prince sees the misery of the city and suffers because he can do anything, until one day when he meets a little Swallow...


Now that I Take a Shower

Ciudad de México, México

Foro Shakespeare

June 24 2018

The Terrible Misfortunes of Dr. Belly

Ciudad de México, México

Benito Juárez Theater

June 24 2018

Colorful Tales

Ciudad de México, México

Old College of San Ildefonso

June 24 2018


The Secret Life of Cats

Foro 37

April 07 to June 30 2018

Modern Art Museum

June 23 to July 15 2018


Culture Secretariat

December 16 2015 to December 31 2018

From the Earth to the Moons

La Raza Subway Station

April 17 2017 to April 01 2019