Children’s activities


How Was the World Created?

The Flamenco, the theater of objects, the multimedia and interviews with the children join How Was the World Created? With the participation of four bailaores and a guitarist.


The Chocolate Jazz Band

Ciudad de México, México

Diego Rivera Mural Museum

April 29 2018

What Is It?

Ciudad de México, México

La Titería Cultural Center, House of the Puppet

April 29 2018


Elephant Island

A Poco No Forum

April 14 to May 13 2018

The Secret Life of Cats

Foro 37

April 07 to May 27 2018

Romeo and Juliet Pocket-Size

Tamayo Museum

April 07 to June 03 2018


Culture Secretariat

December 16 2015 to December 31 2018

From the Earth to the Moons

La Raza Subway Station

April 17 2017 to April 01 2019