Children’s activities


The Charlatan

The famous master of necromancy and quackery, Antonio Tabarini “The Big Man” comes to town to sell the latest of his marvelous products. “Happiness in a Bag”.


Ceramic Skull Painting

Ciudad de México, México

National Museum of Anthropology

October 26 2019

Pie Rojo

Ciudad de México, México

Educational Television

October 30 2019

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UNAM Lake House

October 20 2019

The Little Mermaid

Tepeyac IMSS Theater

September 22 to October 27 2019

Modern Art Museum

October 27 2019

Pie Rojo

Educational Television

October 02 to 30 2019

The Celestial Road

Juana Cata

October 19 to November 09 2019

Stories with Little Noises

Marlowe Hall

October 19 to December 07 2019


A Poco No Forum

October 06 to December 08 2019

Apollo 19

Marlowe Hall

October 26 to December 14 2019

The Worst Lady in the World

La Teatrería

March 03 to December 15 2019

Here It Is!

Culture Secretariat

December 17 2018 to December 31 2019