Digital Culture


It is a webpage that brings together the spectrum of the emerging and contemporary photo produced in Mexico.

As a digital platform, it generates a community among the authors that comprise this spectrum, in order for them to be acknowledged by themselves and groups that are foreign to the sphere of photo. It gathers images that are connected through emojis and has the objective of thinking photography as a part of a broad visual culture.

Its approach is made from contemporary visual languages to recent symbolic production. This implies considering photo as an image that circulates free in the digital space, which mutates in different supports: either fixed or in movement. It also implies to think each image as a node with multiple connections that generate a particular meaning when they enter in contact one with another.

Also, PICS has the objective of generating different dialogues from the sphere of the web among different agents that comprise the scene of photo and image in Mexico: authors, researchers, managers, consumers.

This is an initiative by Center for the Image of the Culture Secretariat.

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