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Discover the Huichol Culture in this Micro Site

Paths of Light. Huichol Universes

Through this micro site you will know the Huichol culture, its origins, its community, rituals, art. Photos, drawings and stories make up this portal. Enter now and visit it!

A legendary people inhabits in our world. It ceaselessly walks it weaving with its steps a web of paths of light that rules the order of the day and the night. They are epic conquerors of giants in mythic times. Their world was born in a gourd, and it also was woven with the hairs of the oldest elder woman. Fire is their grandfather; the Sun their father. The Rain, the Earth, and the Sea their mothers. All these universes are interwoven making up a unique and eternally dynamic point of view of the world: that of the Wixárika, known by us as the Huichol culture.

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