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New Spanish Revelations

This exhibition, original by the National Institute of Anthropology and History proposes a different way to see New Spanish art through a reflexive discourse that invites to discov...


Cinematheque of Zacatecas


This space is dedicated to movies screening that deal with history and contemporaneousness of the local, national and international cinema.  ...

Manuel Felguérez Museum of Abstract Art


Set up in the old Conciliar Seminar of the Immaculate Conception (19th century) and that later would be the State Penitentiary, tody houses a museum w...

Miguel Auza Town Square


The plaza is located in the center of the city that is used as space of entertainment and is called after the General one Miguel Auza.

Museum of Zacatecas


Located in the historical center of the city, the museum is located in what used to be Casa de Moneda de Zacatecas a construction from 1826. It was...

Fernando Calderón Theater


World Heritage City. The construction was finished in 1897 and the current structure has three stories and is still a very important place for spreadi...

Goitia Plaza


It is located in front of the Fernando Cauldron theater. This small square is without doubt one of the most important settings for local artists that ...

Main Square


It is in the limits of the Government Palace and the Basilica Cathedral; it is the most important and biggest esplanade of the city.

Pedro Valtierra Photo Library of Zacatecas


The facility was build in 1962 and served as the Assistance Service Unit in collaboration with the National Institute of Child Protection. Later, in 1...

Museum of Guadalupe


The Museum of Guadalupe, the oldest in the state of Zacatecas, opened in 1917 and was officially inaugurated in 1938. It takes up most part of the for...

Citadel of Art


It is located in the historic downtown of the city, in a section of what once was the Mint of Zacatecas on the 19th century. What is known today as...

Ramón López Velarde Cultural Institute of Zacatecas


Its construction began on January 1st, 1890 by the governor back then, General J. Jesús Arechiga, with a project of creating a new hospital for...

Bicentennial Plaza


Plaza that commemorates the bicentennial of the Independence and Mexican Revolution.

Ramón López Velarde Theater


The theater presents plays, shows of music, dance, opera, children’s events and festivals as wells as conferences, assemblies and governance rep...

Zacatecas Municipal House of Culture


Training center in painting, dance, music and woodcarving.  

Hinojosa Theater


The Hinojosa Theater is built on land that belonged to the Shrine to the Virgin. The building was organized by don José María Hinojosa, ...

Alternative Forum


Located in the north part of the country, in the middle of the two chain mountains, Zacatecas is one of the most beautiful pieces in the mosaic that f...

Former Temple of Saint Augustine


The temple keeps its majestic structure, reliefs and decorative pieces and it’s dedicated to temporary exhibitions and cultural activities.

Francisco Goitia Museum


It was one of the first museums in Zacatecas and one of the main contemporary art precincts in Mexico. It’s housed in a building from 1948 and i...

Enrique Estrada Park


This park is located near to the Cube aqueduct, here one can take a long walk along its aisles or rest a while on the grass, under the shadow of one o...

Rafael Coronel Museum


It displays several collections of historic art objects and craftsmanship, among them, one of more than 5 thousand popular Mexican mask.

Former Temple of Concepción of Fresnillo


The venue formerly was a chapel part of the convent built in 1580 by the first evangelists that arrived in Fresnillo. The chapel is the only construct...

Tourism Secretariat of the State of Zacatecas


To know Zacatecas is to discover the transfiguration of silver turned into beautiful architecture. Zacatecas is a real example of tradition and cultur...

Autonomous University of Zacatecas


With the date of September 13, 1774, the City Hall of the capital of Zacatecas addressed the Viceroy of New Spain requesting the creation of a College...

Battle of Zacatecas Museum


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Zacatecas, the Museum was inaugurated on June 23rd, 1984. Despite being a very modest place i...

Pedro Coronel Museum


It is located in the first College of the Society of Jesus, which is stablished in Zacatecas in 1617 at the foundation of the first Jesuit mission. Th...

450 Plaza


The plaza is located outside the Manuel Felguerez Museum where different cultural activities are carried out.

Del Lago Theater


It is used for a number of different events.  

Juarez Garden


The garden is located in the center of the city surrounded by tall trees that give a romantic atmosphere in this beautiful place of the capital. &n...

Independence Garden


It is located in the center of the city and in the center there is a sculpture of the Angel of Independence of the city of Zacatecas.

Conventions Palace


The Zacatecas Palace of Conventions  has almost 5.000 sq. Mt. that can be divided to host all kind of events.  

Caja Plaza


It is located next to the Av.  Hidalgo, that is one of the most important roads in the city. This small square week after week is the setting for...

Ramon Lopez Velarde House Interactive Museum


Guided visits,  exhibitions, bohemian nights, lectures, book presentations and movies are some of the activities that take place in this precinct...

Torre Building


It is the venue of the offices of the Jerezano Institute of Culture and Annex Chronicler of the City.

Community Museum of Jerez


This museum was founded thanks to the people of Jerez who donated historical pieces that have increased the particular collection with the sole purpos...

Jerezana Tradition and Cultural Center


This museum exhibits different elements belonging to horsemanship like hats, adelita and charro costumes, spurs, machetes and somes scultures that rep...

Tacuba Civic Square


Its population origin dates years prior to the colony, since the arrival of the first incursions in 1531, there were Chichimecas in the area (Zacateco...

Dolores Cemetery


In the last years of the 18th century it was requested a permit to build it outside the city,  which was granted by the Bishop of Guadalajara, th...

Rafael Páez Main Garden


It is located in what used to be the old Plaza de Armas built since the foundation of the villa. Designed by Rafael Páez, political chief of Je...

Professor Arturo Pérez Torres Garden


Illustrious painter and writer from Jerez, author of works such as the bust of Candelario Huízar located in the main garden, the paintings of l...

La Quemada Archaeological Musuem


Located in the archaeological site of the same name, this museum was opened to the public in 1995. Its architectural design was conceived and carried ...

Regional Center of the World Heritage in Zacatecas


Training center for the personnel in charge of sites declared as world heritage.

González Ortega Market


One of the most representative places of Zacatecas is the González Ortega Market, since it is one of the first markets created in the capital o...

Cable Car of Zacatecas


The Cable Car of Zacatecas works since 1979 and it’s one of the most visited attractions of the city. In its route of 650 meters, the funicular ...

La Quemada


La Quemada represents the most important monumental settlement in the north-central region of Mexico. A great hall with columns stands out, together w...

Mauricio Magdaleno Library


According to the Historic Draft of Zacatecas, by Salvador Vidal, in August 1830 the deputies proposed in the 4th Constitutional Congress the foundatio...

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