Secretaría de Cultura

Ancient Jesuit College Cultural Center


It has two halls for permanent exhibitions: Traditional Toys from Michoacan and Maque and Bateas (lacquered wood trays). There is a Graphics Workshop ...

Michoacán Regional Center for the Arts (CRAM)


The main objective of this center is to strengthen artistic education in spaces that enhance the regional space, but also and more importantly, the sp...

Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts (CMMAS)


Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts (CMMAS) Created in September 2006 due to an of the National Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA), throu...

Clavijero Cultural Center


This place was conceived as a dynamic and convergence space of excellence that aims at boosting cultural and artistic approaches along with teaching, ...

Ocampo Theater, Morelia


It was built during the first half of the 19th century (1829-1829), on a plot that belongs to the Brotherhood of the Blood of Christ. D. Luis Zapari w...

Morelos’ Birth Home Museum


The musem displays documents and belongings of the Generalissimo Morelos. There are documents with his holographic signature, money that the hero coin...

The House of Culture of Morelia


The Former Carmelite Convent is one the oldest and most valuable buildings in the city. Its style blends the simplicity of Herrerian architecture with...

Emperor Caltzontzin Theater


It was built in 1936, over what once was an old former convent of the 17th century of the Order of St. Augustine. Capacity 530 people.

Workers’ Theater, Zamora


During 1883, the municipal authorities of Zamora, Morelia and Mexico City; the local church led by its third bishop of the Diocese of Zamora, Jos&eacu...

La Bodega Forum Documentation and Stage Experimentation Center


La Bodega Forum began its activities in 2003 and it is a facility of the Ministry of Culture of the State of Michoacan in which groups and alternative...

Museum of the State of Michoacan


The museum displays an important collection divided into four museographic sections: Pharmacy and Herbarium, Archaeology, Ethnology and History. It al...

Alfredo Zalce Contemporary Art Museum (MACAZ)


The museum has different collections, among which we can stand out a diverse technique collection of works by the maestro from Michoacan Alfredo Zalce...

Fray Antonio de San Miguel Road


It was built in 1732 as the Guadalupe Road in order to ease the access to the pilgrims that visited the sanctuary to the VirgenMorena, which is locate...

José Rubén Romero Theater


Since the 60’s, “José Rubén Romero” Theater has been playing and important role in the development of cultural, scient...

University of Michoacán of San Nicolás de Hidalgo


The University of Michoacán of San Nicolás de Hidalgo was stablished on October 15th, 1917 and it is, currently, the college with more t...

Morelia Cathedral (San Salvador)


On May 6th, 1660 was laid the first stone of the construction by the Bishop Fray Marcos Ramíres del Prado. The construction was led by Vicenzo ...

José María Morelos Theater


José María Morelos Theater is located at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Morelia. It is usually called Morelos Theater and was f...

Ministry of Culture of Michoacán


To formulate and propose to the Governor of the State the Cultural State Program as well as the annual programs of investments and coordinate their ex...

Las Rosas Garden


The Luis Gonzalez or Las Rosas Garden is a square located in the historical center of the city of Morelia. It is surrounded by buildings with a solid ...

Museum of Arts and Popular Industries of Patzcuaro


This museum is the first in its kind in Mexico. It has, among other things, one of the best collections of lac, lacquer and ‘peribana’, re...

Conservatory of Roses


The name was invented by the people of Valladolid, towards the late 18th century. The School of Santa Rosa, antecedent of the conservatory, was a s...

House of Handcrafts of the State of Michoacán


Architectonic ensemble that currently stands in front of Valladolid Square, it’s the oldest in the city. In this place in 1531 was built the Fra...

Colonial Art Museum


It shelters a valuable collection of paintings, maps and other pieces of imagery, among which we can stand out an easel painting of the Colonial perio...

Dr. Nicolás León Calderon Regional Museum of Michoacán


Dr. Nicolás León Calderon Regional Museum of Michoacán is the oldest museum of the INAH museum’s network and was opened in ...

Belisario Domínguez Plaza, Quiroga


Belisario Domínguez Plaza holds important events, civic and cultural celebrations.

Town Square, Angangueo


It’s located in the west part of the state; it’s bordered to the north by Senguio, to the east by Ocampo and to the west by Aporo. 170 km ...

Center for Guitar Research and Development


The Center for Research and Development of Guitar (CIDEG) has been the stage through which the best national and international guitarist have passed, ...

Los Reyes Main Square

Los Reyes

The city of los Reyes was founded according to the royal decree on May 12th, 1594. In 1831 Los Reyes became a Municipality, in 1837 it acquired the he...

Valladolid Square


Valladolid Square is also known as San Francisco Square due to the close presence of the Franciscan Church and the Ancient College of San Buenaventura...

Michoacan Drama Center (CEDRAM)


It intends to be a center for theater training, production, service and promotion framed by the professional demands of dramatic art. The center frequ...

Hidalgo Square


It was named after the distinguished Father of the Independence, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. It’s located at the north-east of the state, it&...

Stella Inda Theatre Morelia


A cultural space managed by the Mexican Institute of Social Security, has a stage from where, in any spot you are, can enjoy the staging with comfort ...

Saint Augustine Alley


Hidalgo Street in downtown Morelia, which is known among the public as Saint Augustine Alley. This street was closed to vehicle transit becoming a ped...

Arms Square of Morelia


The Arms Square or Martyrs Square, drawn as the Main Square by Juan Ponce in the XVI century, is located on Madero Avenue, next to the metropolitan Ca...

Island of Petatán

Cojumatlán de Régules

The town of Petatán (Island of Petatán) is located in the Municipality of Cojumatlán de Régules. It has 423 inhabitants an...

Miguel Hidalgo Square, Sahuayo


A beautiful kiosk, the statue of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, as well as the figure of a Tlahualil dancer, are the main elements in this space desig...

Main Square, Venustiano Carranza

Venustiano Carranza

The municipality was made up from the division of lands of several towns of the next municipalities: Sahuayo, Pajacuarán and Vista Hermosa. At ...

Vasco de Quiroga University


Vasco de Quiroga University was born with the objective of giving an answer to the needs that the state of Michoacán had for the diversificatio...

Best Western Plus Grand Hotel in Morelia


It is the largest and highest quality hotel in Michoacán; it’s located next to the Convention Center in the heart of the commercial area ...

Uruapan Culture House


Uruapan Culture House Ministry of Cultural Promotion and Development. The Ministry of Cultural Promotion and Development is a public institution...

National Museum of Copper

Salvador Escalante

The National Museum of Copper is full of history and tradition. Here, the visitor can find the first expressions of Purépechas artisans to nati...

Town Square, Aporo


Some authors affirm that Aporo, a word with Chichimeca roots, comes from hapu or hapur that means “place of ashes” or “ashe...

Town Square, Senguio


It’s about three hours from Mexico City, two hours from Morelia in Maravatío-Hidalgo City road; at Kilometer 18 is a detour toward the to...



Tlalpujahua comes from the Náhuatl: tlalli (land), and poxohuac (sponge, flabby), therefore, its name means: spongy or flabby land. The people ...

General Lázaro Cárdenas Theatre


It belongs to Michoacán Drama Center for the Theatrical Training and Production. It bears the name of General Lázaro Cárdenas as ...

UNAM CSAM Campus Morelia


Until recent years, the development of science in Mexico has been characterized for an excessive concentration of material and human resources in the ...

Villalongin Square


This site was named after the insurgent Don ManuelVillalongin, an outstanding character during this national historical period. An anecdote he is reme...

Research, Art and Culture Center (CIAC)


The Research, Art and Culture Center (CIAC) was opened in January, 2011 and has several areas, such as an auditorium which can be divided into two wit...

Esplanade of Lázaro Cárdenas City Hall

Lázaro Cárdenas

The city and port of Lázaro Cárdenas is the head of one of the 113 municipalities that integrate the state of Michoacán, located ...

University Cultural Center, UMSNH


The University Cultural Center is a forum with 20 years of operation; it has intended to support activities of scientific, academic and cultural diffu...

Parish of St. Matthew the Apostle


Due to its geographical location, on one of the most popular trade routes of the central New Spain, the Parish of Irimbo was constantly visited by tra...

Town Hall of Irimbo


Irimbo is a word of Tarascan origin and means “place of hunchbacked people”. It is placed at the northeastern part of the state and it&rsq...

Dr. Manuel Martínez Solórzano Natural History Museum


It was named after the naturalist, doctor and wise man of Morelia, Manuel Martínez Solórzano, who exhibited a collection of that scienti...

Samuel Ramos Auditorium


It is a space with over 30 years of operation, used for cultural, academic and scientific activities, as a provider of services.

Cojumatlán Square

Cojumatlán de Régules

The region that currently comprises the Municipality of Régules, was previously called Cojumatlán. On July 20th, 1909 was constituted th...

La Huatápara Folk Art Regional Museum


Expressions of the cultural richness of these people can be admired through their most representative material work, outstanding pieces related with t...

Historical Museum of the Judiciary of the State of Michoacán


The building that later would harbor the Judiciary of the State was located around the old Main Square since the establishment of the city, it was lat...

Former Convent of Tiripetío


As its name states, the Former Convent of Tiripetío is space that belonged to a religious congregation and that, from some years now, belongs t...

Museum of Graphic Arts, Former convent of Saint Mary Magdalene


The Former convent of Saint Mary Magdalene is an Augustinian building constructed on the 16th century, considered one of the most important of the reg...

Epitacio Huerta Town Square

Epitacio Huerta

Epitacio Huerta was a great hero and patriot from Michoacán who lived between, 1827 and 1904; a military man from Tunguitiro, municipality of C...

Gertrudis Bocanegra Municipal Library


This building was part of the Augustinian convent, established on 1576 while Juan Medina Rincón was Bishop of Michoacán and Fray Alonzo ...

State Office of the National Commission for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples (CDI) in Michoacán


The CDI is an institution that orients the public policies for the integral and sustainable development of the indigenous peoples and communities; whi...

La Mueca Forum


La Mueca (The Grimmace). Capacity for 70 spectators.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary


In August, Monarch butterflies began their journey of over four thousand kilometers from South Canada to the forests of State of Mexico and Michoac&aa...

Saint Augustine Church


Temple and Church of Saint Augustine: between 1550 and 1626, were configured the architectonic lines and styles of this religious complex, located to ...

UNAM Morelia Cultural Center


The building that shelters the Cultural Center of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), known for the popular legend of “The hand...

Luis Silva Ruelas Museum of Mineralogy and Geology


Presently, the museum has a collection of over two thousand samples of rocks, minerals, and a section of Historic Geology, which, besides satisfying t...

Tata Jurihata Municipal Public Library


Services: General room Research room Children’s room

History School of San Nicolás de Hidalgo Michoacana University


The community of the History School of San Nicolás de Hidalgo Michoacana University has endeavored to build a new academic project that makes a...

Church of Saint Francis


The atrium is an ample walled space with a wall made in flagstone, with small stone niches framing the stages of the cross; among the ash trees and ce...

Tzurumutaro Agrarian Museum


The museum is part of the town’s temple. It is lodged in what used to be the priest’s house of the San Pedro Apostol Temple. Later, it was used as...

Del Carmen Square, Morelia


This square is located in front of the Del Carmen Church and next to the former convent that lodges the Morelia House of Culture. It has a central fou...

Morelos Garden, Morelia


A bronze popularly known as El Caballito (The Little Horse), which was erected to honor the hero of the Independence War Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, ...

La Soterraña Garden


It is located one block from the Cristo Rey Temple, which dates back from the XVIII century and was inspired by the parishioners to worship the Lady o...

San Jose Square, Morelia


Quarried stone benches and a fountain that, according to the model outlined in other places of the city, was placed in the center of the square charac...

Corral of Comedy Forum


Capacity: 150 seats.

House of Culture of Jacona, C.A.


House of Culture of Jacona, C.A.

Juan Sepúlveda Archaeological Museum


House of Culture of Uruapan

Melchor Ocampo Hall within the Primitive and National College of San Nicolás de Hidalgo


Melchor Ocampo Hall was opened on July 15th, 1962 by the president of Mexico, Adolfo López Mateos and the governor of the state, David Franco R...

José Rubén Romero Municipal Public Library

Salvador Escalante

Services   General Room Consultation Room Children’s Room Computer and Internet Room Digital Services Module

Miguel Hidalgo Municipal Public Library Services


Services General Room Consultation Room Children’s Room

Morelos House Onsite Museum


Morelos House Onsite Museum and Historical Archive houses the Conventual Library Found, a collection of old books that belonged to the libraries of co...

Tzintzuntzan Culture House


It aims to preserve and teach the culture of Tzintzuntzan area.

The Large House of Theater


Capacity: 100 people. Theatrical institution founded on January 1st, 1994, dedicated to present shows and didactic and artistic activities.

House of Morelos Museum


In its halls are exhibited historical collections from the colonial and Independence periods, besides personal items of the Priest José Mar&iac...

ISSTE Cultural Center


Founded on January 16th, 1969.

María Teresa Montoya Theater


Capacity: 150 people Founded on December 1st, 1969. The theater belongs to the Culture Institute of the Government of the State of Michoac&aacut...

Dr. Jenaro González Reyna Geology Museum


The geology collection, currently located at the materials laboratory of the Science, Engineering and Humanities Unit, of San Nicolás de Hidalg...

Capuchinas Square


This square, known as the Capuchinas Square originated from the construction of a Temple to honor the Lady of la Purisima Concepcion of Cozamaloapan i...

Temple and College of the Society of Jesus


This building housed the members of the society, who arrived to the Diocese of Michoacán thanks to Vasco de Quiroga’s efforts, who was aw...

French-Mexican Cultural Alliance of Morelia


The French Alliance is an institution that is present in over 138 countries. In Mexico, since 1948, it has been in charge of bringing France and Mexic...

Museum of the Four Indigenous Peoples


The building was built by brother Juan de San Miguel, it was meant to be a shelter and hospital for the indigenous population on 1533; it was known as...

Center for Information, Art, and Culture, UMSNH


The Center for Information, Art, and Culture (CIAC-Bicentennial) was inaugurated on January 2011, with the objective of increase the cultural and acad...

Eduardo Ruiz Museum


It was established on January 21st, 1992, and among its main activities are: workshops, lectures, cinema, theatre, visual arts exhibitions, presentati...

Libertador Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Cultural Center


It was founded in 1985 through the initiative of the then governor of Michoacan, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Solorzano. It organizes training and promotional ...

Vista Hermosa Main Square

Vista Hermosa

This municipality was created out from what once were the haciendas of Buena Vista and El Molino, a large estate that on the early 18th century belong...

San Felipe Los Alzati


It has been assumed that the site played a strategic role either to watch over of the groups coming from the center of Mexico as well as of those who ...


The large extension of the central area of the site is noteworthy because of the huatziri, or raised roads, that demarcate spaces and used as roads to...



It is one of the sites that represent the stage previous to the peak of the Tarasco dominion, underlining the presence of Teotihuacan features mixed w...


Huadacareo presents evidence of two periods of occupation; the first one reflects the adoption of ideas of other regions such as Patio Hundido, cerami...

Tres Cerritos

In Trees Cerritos there was at least two periods of occupation. In the first one, the site served as an important ceremonial center, the ceramic eleme...


The pre-Hispanic city of Tzintzuntzan, was without a doubt one of the largest and most important populations when the Spaniards arrived in the 16th ce...

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