Secretaría de Cultura

Guillermo Romo de Vivar Theater

Pachuca de Soto

The theater was inaugurated on October 21, 1991 and it’s located in Pachuca. This small but comfortable has hosted the most varied events like p...

Central Library of the State of Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto

The Central Library of the State of Hidalgo was inaugurated on May 17, 2007 and it is built in a 4,560 sq meters area. The modern construction was des...

Train Cultural Center

Pachuca de Soto

The train station of Pachuca, one of the many different Mexican train lines, stands out for its size and construction regarding other stations distrib...

State Center of the Arts of Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto

Today, the building that houses the State Center of the Arts used to be the former convent dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi in the capital of the ...

Gota de Plata Auditorium

Pachuca de Soto

Capacity for 2000 persons

Rehilete Museum for Children and Planetary of Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto

We have different proposals and some challenges, that we’re sure will make you spend a pleasant, funny and interesting time. With us, you can ex...

Theater of the City of San Francisco

Pachuca de Soto

It was inaugurated on March 15, 1993; the theater is now considered one of the best theaters in Mexico. Located in city of Pachuca, this beautiful Ita...

National Photographic Library (Former Convent of San Francisco)

Pachuca de Soto

In 1976, the government of Mexico acquires the Casasola Archive, a photo collection of great historical and artistic value for the country, especially...

Tulancingo Cinematheque

Tulancingo de Bravo

This is the eighth cinematheque in the country and the first one placed outside the capital of a state in Mexico.   Tulancingo Cinematheque wi...

Museum of Archaeology and History of Huichapan


The Museum of Archaeology and History of Huichapan is the place where you can see the phases of this region throughout history, from the pre-Hispanic ...

University City of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo

Mineral de la Reforma

University City is located within the metropolitan area on the Km. 4.5 of Pachuca-Tulancingo road. It has an area of 304,434.00 square feet and houses...

Regional Museum of Hñahñu Culture


It constitutes a sample of the most representative of the customs and traditions of the Otomí people. It has five permanent rooms that display ...

Hidalgo Theatre Bartolomé de Medina

Pachuca de Soto

Its main façade reminds us of the disappeared Bartolomé de Medina Theatre that was demolished in 1943. The present Hidalgo Theatre Ba...

CECULTAH State Council for Culture and the Arts of Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto

The State Council for Culture and the Arts of Hidalgo is an decentralized institution of the State Government which stablishes norms and regulates loc...

Center of the Arts of Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto

The building that harbors the Center of the Arts of Hidalgo was a convent belonging to the community of Barefoot Franciscan Friars, whose construction...

Quarters Museum of Art

Pachuca de Soto

A space dedicated to temporary exhibits of artistic expressions of the state of Hidalgo.

21 de Mayo Plaza

Huejutla de Reyes

Multifunctional civic square located in the middle of the municipal head of the municipality of Huejutla de Reyes.

Efrén Rebolledo Cultural Forum

Pachuca de Soto

In the urban context of Pachucha de Soto, stand out due to its architecture certain buildings meant to be the residence of state governors during Porf...

Pachuca Virtual Museum (MUVIPA)

Pachuca de Soto

The Virtual Museum has the objective of spreading and promoting the cultural and artistic heritage of the city of Pachuca, thus achieving the promotio...

Main Square of Metztitlan


The name of the municipality of Metztitlan comes from the Nahoas roots “Meztli”, moon and “Tlan”, place meaning “Place o...

Zacualtipan de Angeles Main Square

Zacualtipán de Ángeles

The State Council for Culture and Art of Hidalgo is the institution in charge of the cultural politics of the state. Its objective is to develop, prom...

Real del Monte Cultural Center

Mineral del Monte

The center was inaugurated on March 30, 2011 with the objective of teaching and promoting arts and culture in the municipality of Real del Monte in wh...

Museum of Sierra Alta of Zacualtipán

Zacualtipán de Ángeles

A precinct where you can learn about the great artistic and cultural legacy in this region of the state, from copies of cave paintings and rock shelte...

Leo Acosta Gallery

Pachuca de Soto

Since its foundation in 2002, the gallery promotes the contemporary work by young artists of the state and of the rests the states. Its current name, ...

Municipal Institute for Culture of Pachuca

Pachuca de Soto

An Institute that has the objective of formulating, executing, overseeing, and evaluating the projects and programs that enable the recovery, preserva...

Mexican Revolution Square

Huejutla de Reyes

A multifunctional public square in Huejutla de Reyes.

Cultural Center of the Mezquital Valley


This cultural precinct was built in what used to be known as the Casa del Vocal of the extinct Indigenous Heritage of the Mezquital Valley. Afterwards...

Arturo Herrera Cabañas Foundation

Pachuca de Soto

Arturo Herrera Cabañas Foundation, C.A; is a civil non-profit association, it aims to preserve, disseminate and promote the national culture, s...

David Alfaro Siqueiros Federal High School by Cooperation

Pachuca de Soto

David Alfaro Siqueiros Federal High School by Cooperation offers a complete academic training, where through the analysis, reflection, understanding a...

Manuel Fernando Soto Auditorium

Tulancingo de Bravo

A multipurpose auditorium of the Municipality of Tulancingo de Bravo.

David Ben Gurión Park

Pachuca de Soto

David Ben Gurión Cultural Park, Hidalgo. This park is part of a new urban development formed by different residential, commercial and service p...

House of Culture of Zacualtipán de Ángeles

Zacualtipán de Ángeles

The center was inaugurated on February 23rd, 2011, with the objective of broadening the academic offer that the State Council for the Culture and the ...

Historical Archive and Museum of Mining

Pachuca de Soto

The museum offers an overview of the historical development regarding the mining activity in the area of Pachuca and Real del Monte. It has five secti...

La Garza, University Cultural Center

Pachuca de Soto

Located in the Historic Center of Pachuca de Soto, with different administrative offices of the university. Its story began in the 18th century. It...

Juárez Square

Pachuca de Soto

Located in the Historical Downtown of the city, it was built in 1957 after the demolition of the Hidalgo Railroad train station. There are located the...

Main Square of Tecozautla


Tecozautla is a touristic town, rich in colonial buildings and narrow streets that converge in the main square where stands out the majestic of the mu...

Hidalgo Youth Detention Center

Pachuca de Soto

Our institution is responsible for executing detention measures imposed for behaviors classified as crime in the state laws and that are subject of th...

Municipal Auditorium of Nopala

Nopala de Villagrán

Multifunctional space of Nopala de Villagrán open to the community for the different activities performed during the year.

Independence Square

Pachuca de Soto

Independence Square is the main plaza of the city, and there is the Monumental Clock of Pachuca.

Assumption Chapel

Pachuca de Soto

It was the main church of Pachuca for over 300 years.

Museum of El Santo

Tulancingo de Bravo

Space dedicated to one of the iconic characters born in this city. Meet this amazing character, through a graphical collection of different facets of ...

Historical Data Museum

Tulancingo de Bravo

The building that hosts this museum was the first railway station in Tulancingo build in 1893 by Gabriel Mancera. After a century, in 1999 this museum...

Aqueduct of Father Tembleque: Hydraulic System


The Aqueduct is a major work of 443 years old and it’s an outstanding example of the development of the hydraulic systems in America. This im...

Huejutla Main Kiosk

Huejutla de Reyes

Main Kiosk in the center of Huajutla, Hidalgo. Its purpose is to bring a relative protection from the sun and rain, and serve as a staging space for a...

Artistic Forum of the Festival of Paste

Mineral del Monte

An artistic forum that is established in the downtown of the Magical Town of Real del Monte, where artistic and cultural events are presented.

Cultural Information Center of Pachuca

Pachuca de Soto

CIC is an institution devoted to recover, systematize, preserve and spread the document heritage under protection of Cecultah. The Cultural Informa...

San Francisco Temple

Pachuca de Soto

It’s a building of the 15th century. Inside are preserved remains of works of the 16th century.

Museum of Mining

Pachuca de Soto

It is located in a building of the later part of the 19th century. It presents a historical panorama of the stages of mining exploitation.

University Cultural Center Víctor Manuel Ballesteros UAH

Pachuca de Soto

It organizes workshops of dance, music, literature, arts, etcetera, besides the permanent cultural programs like the callejoneadas and plays....

La Garza Theatre

Pachuca de Soto

Capacity: 77 spectators.

Count Rule’s House

Pachuca de Soto

Victorian mansion built in 1896. Currently it houses the City Hall.

Regional Museum of History of Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto

A journey through Hidalgo’s history.



This park has approximately a thousand of specimens of over 250 species which live in their natural habitat. Besides being able to walk and admire the...

Museum of Mineralogy

Pachuca de Soto

More than 1,200 mineral samples from the entire world; also, fossil remains found in the State of Hidalgo.

Royal Vault Building

Pachuca de Soto

It was built by Viceroy Don Sebastián de Toledo in the 18th century. It is a colonial building with two floors and a central courtyard. The ...

Culture House of Mineral del Monte

Mineral del Monte

They organized workshops, lectures, exhibitions, plays, etc

Monumental Clock

Pachuca de Soto

Neoclassical tower with a height of 40 meters. Inaugurated on September 15th, 1990 as part of the celebrations of the Centennial of the Independence. ...

Hospital of Saint John of God (UAEH)

Pachuca de Soto

It was built in 1725 under orders of the Marquis of Casa Fuerte. It is now the rectory of the Autonomous University of Hidalgo.


Huapalcalco had a long occupation through history, from Pre-Historic times, exemplified by the presence of lithic materials and paintings located in t...


Because of the style of the ceramics and the architecture, Pahñú was culturally related to traditions from the Bajío region, main...


Tula de Allende

After the Late Classic period, the influence of Tula unified a vast territory through commerce and conquest. The extension of Its influence has been i...


Many petroglyphs of different ages are placed on nearby rock walls; as well as cave paintings, where schematic men armed with sticks appear, and where...

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