World Music

In this season, the audience can enjoy different musical genres that identify countries through the performance of the most talented musicians and singers.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Opera Is Only Tales... and Ballet Too

Opera Is Only Tales... and Ballet Too is a successful proposal presented by the National Center of Arts for children since nine years ago. It aims to offer quality entertainment, while it forms new audiences for artistic expressions. It will present five great productions for this 2018 season.

Estado / Ciudad de México

National Center of Arts (Cenart)

August 18 to 19 2018

National Center of Arts (Cenart)

August 25 to 26 2018

National Center of Arts (Cenart)

August 11 to 12 2018

Estado / Sinaloa

Estados / Ciudad de México y Estado de México

Summer Station

This 2018, Summer Station carries out its 11th edition and will address puppet theater as its central theme; it’s considered as one of the most important artistic expressions in Mexico and the world, in which different disciplines converge, such as performing and visual arts, literature, music, film and digital technologies, among others.

Estado / Puebla

The Great Vatican Collections in Mexico

The exhibition becomes a milestone in the comprehension of the influence in western civilization of the Catholic religion and Christianity, its traditions and liturgical symbols take shape in the most beautiful artistic objects.

Estado / Ciudad de México

9th Forum of Contemporary Dance

Since its first edition, the Forum of Contemporary Dance has submitted local and national proposals of performing arts with the purpose that the artistic community and the general public have a current panorama of contemporary dance.

Estado / Aguascalientes

Estado / Ciudad de México

Filmmaking Teaching Center (CCC) Festival

22 productions made by students of the Filmmaking Teaching Center (CCC) will be screened at the Agora of the city from June 23 to 30.

Estado / Veracruz

2018 Brazilian Film Festival

Estado / Ciudad de México

Estado / Ciudad de México

Bicentennial of Birth of “The Necromancer”

This June 22nd marks 200 years of birth of Ignacio Ramírez, “The Necromancer”, Mexican politician and writer, fervent defender of the secular state. 

Estado / Ciudad de México

5th Mexico City Paper Theater International Festival

The 5th Paper Theater International Festival seeks to promote a nourished and enriching exchange of experiences and knowledge among the national and foreign theater companies in this bicentennial technique of stage creation.

Estado / Ciudad de México

8th Hidalgo International Jazz Festival 2018

The International Jazz Festival comes to Pachuca, Hidalgo, in its 8th edition, bringing a musical offer of great impact for the cultural life of youths and children in order to bring them closer to jazz culture and promote peace among individuals. 

Estado / Hidalgo

2018 A Midsummer Night’s Theater

A season that offers a retrospective of some of the best plays of the central area of the country, emphasizing young and innovative creations.

Estado / Querétaro

The Great Departed

The season of " The Great Departed" brings together 6 of the 11 plays that make up this saga written by Luisa Josefina Hernández, one of the most important Mexican writers of the 20th century, who will be 90 years old this 2018.
The author, through a stylistic exercise, shows the development and consequences of a family composed of a whim, and a display of power.

Estado / Ciudad de México

National Homage to Sergio Pitol

Narrator of strict prose, impeccable translator, generous human being, the teacher Sergio Pitol is a central figure in our literature.

Estados / Ciudad de México y Veracruz

Stop Motion. A Look Frame by Frame to Cinema

Stop motion is an animation technique that consists in pretending the movement of static objects by means of a successive series of still images. The National Museum of the Cultures of the World invites you to enjoy the screenings that show the film work that involves this technique with national and international films.

Estado / Ciudad de México

2018 FICUNAM Tour in Quintana Roo

The FICUNAM Tour is an itinerant cinema season composed of films that are representative of the FIUM programming. Through the Tour, the Festival brings the best of its programming to other states of Mexico, where different audiences can find and enjoy a different film other than the one shown in commercial theaters of their respective entity.

Estado / Quintana Roo

2018 Lake House Summer Workshops

The workshops of Lake House are aimed at young people of high-school, superior level, adults, seniors and children as from 6 years old.

The activities include quarterly periods or intensive periods of six weeks and include workshops in several disciplines.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Danzatlan 2018 International Dance festival

Danzatlán International Dance Festival was created to promote the appreciation of the Mexican public for the different dance expressions, such as classical, neoclassical, contemporary and folkloric ballet, with the participation of international dancers of the highest artistic level.

The festival is an initiative of the Elisa Carrillo Cabrera Foundation A.C. It also seeks to generate a dialogue in Mexico between choreographers, dancers and dance art specialists from different countries and nationalities, as well as being a platform for diffusion for young Mexican creators and dancers.

Estados / Ciudad de México y Estado de México

15th International Jewish Film Festival in Mexico

The 15th International Jewish Film Festival in Mexico presents a selection of seven films from different countries and other special events over the course of three weeks in different venues, thus giving way to screenings all the year of this edition.

Estado / Yucatán

2018 International Encounter of Early Music

Year after year, the International Encounter of Early Music takes place with special interest in the study and dissemination of the varied repertoires of the New Spain period. Most of the pieces that integrate the program, usually unpublished and a little known, are product of researches and works of transcription and paleographic edition.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Mexico in Your Senses

Use all your senses to marvel yourself, know, enjoy and discover why Mexico is a country full of opportunities, beautiful places and richness to share with the world.

Estado / Nuevo León

Estados / Baja California Sur, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Ciudad de México, Coahuila, Durango, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Nuevo León, Puebla, Querétaro, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí y Sonora

En más de 10 estados.

Intimate Theater

The Intimate Theater season seeks to be a vehicle between the public and the scene from the intimacy, it appeals to the encounter between the viewer and the performing arts. That is why, the Marlowe Hall, together with the companies of the Intimate Theater Season, bet for a theater in which the spectators build empathy and see themselves reflected.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Estado / Tamaulipas

Tuesday for Theater

Tuesdays in Morelos will be for theater, the Ministry of Culture of Morelos will program a different play every Tuesday, and most of the shows will be free of charge. Six venues where different productions by local and national scenic creators will be presented.

Estado / Morelos

38th Children’s and Youth International Book Fair, FILIJ 2018

Children’s and Youth International Book Fair (FILIJ), is a space for reading promotion aimed at children and youths and editorial dissemination, it also has an encounter forum with outstanding and prestigious authors, scholars, researchers, experts and those interested in children’s and youth literature.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Children Solve Problems

Children Solve Problems is the 2018 program that the Digital Culture Center dedicates to children.

We pose a problem to children that will be a provocation to find unique, amazing solutions, and perhaps unrealizable, that adults, maybe, would not think.

Estado / Ciudad de México

64th International Film Festival

The International Film Festival has been, throughout its more than sixty editions, a non-competitive film festival that aims to bring the Mexican audience closer to the most innovative and recent film proposals, backed up by their recognition in international festivals and by the specialized critics. With 46 years of existence, the festival is the event of the highest tradition among the cinephiles of Mexico City and other parts of the country.

Estados / Puebla y Zacatecas

2018 Season of Cancún Symphony Orchestra

With the pleasure of being Cancún Symphony Orchestra now, we present 2018 season: ten concerts in which you’ll discover the best of classical music in the hands of some of the most outstanding conductors and directors in our country. 

Estado / Quintana Roo

Thursdays for Theatre

With the objective of bringing new audiences to the theater, as well as making culture more accessible, the National Institute of Fine Arts continues with the program Thursday for Theater, in which the entrance to any show of its precincts has a cost of MXN$30.00

Estado / Ciudad de México

Hélenico Premiers

Estado / Ciudad de México

National Cinematheque Premieres

Estado / Ciudad de México