Estado / Tamaulipas

Estado / Puebla

2018 Cinema Planeta

Cinema Planeta, is a non-profit organization born in 2009 that has consolidated as the most important cinematographic initiative that promotes environmental protection in Mexico. Each year, it organizes a film festival, screenings, cinema clubs, outdoor projections, concerts, lectures, workshops, bike rides, it produces environmental films and visits different states of the country and abroad, bringing environmental education and promoting the national cinema.

Estado / Morelos

Tuesday for Theater

Tuesdays in Morelos will be for theater, the Ministry of Culture of Morelos will program a different play every Tuesday, and most of the shows will be free of charge. Six venues where different productions by local and national scenic creators will be presented.

Estado / Morelos

THIS IS NOW: Cine y video después del Punk

The Tamayo Museum and LUX present THIS IS NOW: Film and Video after Punk, an itinerant international project about film and video artists of the postpunk era (1978-85), which comprises seven programs selected from the LUX distributor and the British Film Institute National Archive (BFI).

Estado / Ciudad de México

Estado / Veracruz

Live Broadcast from the MET. Cinderella

Estados / Ciudad de México, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Oaxaca y San Luis Potosí

Encounter with Winners of the 2017 National Award for Science and Arts

The Culture Secretariat and the Public Education Secretariat organize the lecture season Encounter with Winners of the National Award for Science and Arts, whose objective is to disseminate the work of the winners of the Encounter with Winners of the 2017 National Award for Science and Arts, their career and contributions in their respective fields, in addition to encouraging the public to know the motivations of their creative processes or the circumstances that led them to their social or scientific findings.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Live with Math

The Iberoamericana University will take maths out of the classroom to take it to the general public, through lectures season Live with Math in its 2018 edition.

Estado / Ciudad de México

29th León National Book Fair

This edition of the León National Book Fair has as its motto "Read Builds", with the objective to turn the word into the key link in the building of community bridges that contribute to the social restructuring. Ten days of artistic-literary festivity including contests, guided tours, book presentations, debates, exhibitions and the celebration of the First Regional Meeting of Reading Promoters.

Estado / Guanajuato

38th Children’s and Youth International Book Fair, FILIJ 2018

Children’s and Youth International Book Fair (FILIJ), is a space for reading promotion aimed at children and youths and editorial dissemination, it also has an encounter forum with outstanding and prestigious authors, scholars, researchers, experts and those interested in children’s and youth literature.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Everyone, Let´s Play! Festival

The National Coordination for Children's Cultural Development-Alas y Raíces invites you to celebrate Children’s Day. Come to the Everyone, Let´s Play! Festival and celebrate Children's and Teenagers' Rights, we’ll have shows, workshops, storytelling and participation forums for children.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Hayao Miyazaki

In the children’s month, Alameda Cinematheque presents a great selection by the talented Hayao Miyazaki, who has been influence and inspiration for many, not only as aesthetics genesis of animators, illustrators, filmmakers and creators in general, but as an emotional guide and influence of the mixed feelings  that his films awaken.

Estado / San Luis Potosí

World Book Day

April 23rd is a symbolic day for world literature as in that day in 1616 Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died. The date also coincides with the birth or death of other prominent authors such as Maurice Druon, Haldor K. Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejía Vallejo.

It was natural that the General Conference of UNESCO, held in Paris in 1995, decided to pay a universal tribute to books and authors on this date, encouraging all, specially youths, to discover the pleasure of reading and to value the irreplaceable contributions of those who have promoted the social and cultural progress of humanity. About this issue, UNESCO created the World Book and Copyright Day.

Estados / Chiapas, Chihuahua, Ciudad de México y Estado de México

International Dance Day

UNESCO proclaimed April 29 as the International Day of Dance due to the proposal of the International Committee of Dance belonging to the International Theater Institute. It is the day of Jean George Noverre’s birth, teacher and choreographer who was the creator of Modern Ballet. Year after year, it is read a message sent by an internationally remarkable teacher, dancer or choreographer.

Estados / Chihuahua, Ciudad de México, Estado de México, Jalisco y Quintana Roo

2018 Spring Season

Estado / Sinaloa

A Desert for Dance 26th International Festival

A Desert for Dance represents one of the artistic festivals of greater significance and roots of Sonora, not only for its continuity, but because it has been a platform for the creation, dissemination and education of contemporary dance, in addition to its undeniable contribution to the formation of publics in Sonora.

Estado / Sonora

2018 San Marcos National Fair

The San Marcos National Fair comes to its 190th edition, an event that over the years has become in the pride of Mexico. Enjoy all the artistic, cultural, farming, artisanal activities and  sport events.

Estado / Aguascalientes

13th Every Thursday Concert Season

“Every Thursday” Concert Season, is an artistic project offered by the Conservatory of the Roses, as part of its mission to disseminate music in all the possible fields and to generate new audiences.

Estado / Michoacán

Spring Concerts. Conservatory of the Roses

About 160 children and youngsters will be present on stage at the Singing Children Hall of the Spring Concerts. Conservatory of the Roses in these 15 concerts, which offers the 2018 Spring concert season.

Estado / Michoacán

Children Solve Problems

Children Solve Problems is the 2018 program that the Digital Culture Center dedicates to children.

We pose a problem to children that will be a provocation to find unique, amazing solutions, and perhaps unrealizable, that adults, maybe, would not think.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Themed Tours

The new tours are designed to know the richness of the Peninsular Mayans of today and yesterday by means of a look to history and memory of our culture. 

Estado / Yucatán

1st Season 2018 of Oaxaca Symphony Orchestra

The Ministry of Cultures and the Arts of Oaxaca presents the 1st Season 2018 of Oaxaca Symphony Orchestra, during this season, nine pairs of concerts can be enjoyed, most of them in the emblematic Macedonio Alcalá Theater.

Estado / Oaxaca

Childrens Day

Estados / Baja California, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Ciudad de México, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Morelos, Puebla, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas y Tlaxcala

En más de 10 estados.

2018 Ambulante

Ambulante celebrates its 13th edition visiting eight states of Mexico, screening Mexican and foreigner documentaries in more than 100 venues.

Estado / Chihuahua

64th International Film Festival

The International Film Festival has been, throughout its more than sixty editions, a non-competitive film festival that aims to bring the Mexican audience closer to the most innovative and recent film proposals, backed up by their recognition in international festivals and by the specialized critics. With 46 years of existence, the festival is the event of the highest tradition among the cinephiles of Mexico City and other parts of the country.

Estados / Morelos, Querétaro, Quintana Roo y Zacatecas

Estado / Ciudad de México

Estado / Ciudad de México

11th Society and Culture in Asia Film Season. A Look from Contemporary Cinema

The cinema season is the dissemination of films whose objective is to convey the idea that cinema, as a cultural fact, is a teaching resource that allows an approximation to the history, culture and society of some countries in Asia.

Estado / Colima

138th Season

With 15 years of history, this orchestra has managed to stand out in the national field, taking the music to the farthest corners of the State of Mexico  and other states of the country. This year begins with their 138th concert season.

Estado / Estado de México

Theater in the Park

The experience of living theater as in the Elizabethan era will be possible thanks to the project Shakespeare. Theater in the Park, which will bring the strength and charm of the plays written by William Shakespeare, in a free version.

Theater in the Park was inspired by similar projects around the world as it  happens in Shakespeare in the Park (New York), Globe Theater (London), Pop-up Globe (Auckland), among others, to bring to the public of Mexico City closer to live this experience.

In its first edition in 2018, Theater in the Park will offer a selection of productions made by directors of great career, inspired by the creations of William Shakespeare.

Estado / Ciudad de México

2018 Season of Cancún Symphony Orchestra

With the pleasure of being Cancún Symphony Orchestra now, we present 2018 season: ten concerts in which you’ll discover the best of classical music in the hands of some of the most outstanding conductors and directors in our country. 

Estado / Quintana Roo

2018 EMET Spring Season

A total of nine concerts make up the 2018 Spring Season of the Music School of the State of Tlaxcala. In this way, we contribute with the comprehensive formation of students: intellectually, ethically and esthetically. 

Estado / Tlaxcala

Acousmatic Concert

May 02 2018

Chamber Music Concert

April 25 2018

Brass Concert

May 16 2018

Yucatán Symphony Orchestra. Season Concert. January – June 2018

In this season, Yucatán Symphony Orchestra (OSY) will have international recognized guest soloists such as the Mexican pianist Jorge Federico Osorio, the Polish pianist Ana Miernik, the Portuguese violinist Emanuel Salvador and outstanding Mexicans, the violinist Osvaldo Urbieta and the guitarist Pablo Garibay.

Estado / Yucatán

NT Live Presents

Experience the best of British theatre at a cinema near you

Estado / Ciudad de México

National Symphony Orchestra

This 2018 the National Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 90th anniversary! Celebrate with them and enjoy the First Season 2018 at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Estado / Ciudad de México

Hélenico Premiers

Estado / Ciudad de México

Pissed Off

Hellenic Cultural Center

May 07 to June 19 2018


Hellenic Cultural Center

May 10 to June 19 2018

National Cinematheque Premieres

Estado / Ciudad de México