Archeological sites

San Miguelito

Quintana Roo

The site was part of the pre-Hispanic chiefdom of Ecab, which had as its main economic activities: fishing, farming, and...


Quintana Roo

The settlement is consisted by residential units and civic and ceremonial architectonic complexes, surrounded by fertile lands for farming. One of ...

San Gervasio

Quintana Roo

With the emergence of Chichén Itzá as a great political and economic regional center, the site joined to an increasing...


Quintana Roo

Magnificent examples of wall painting can be observed in this site, especially in the building known as Edificio de los ...


Quintana Roo

The site is located near five lakes that were essential for its development and survival. The pre-Hispanic city was comm...


Quintana Roo

The Dzibanché-Kinichná complex was consisted by four groups of monumental architecture, each one with specific functio...


Quintana Roo

It is the most iconic site of the coast of Quintana Roo region, due to its privileged location and the excellent preserv...


Quintana Roo

The site had links with settlements in northern Belize and southern Quintana Roo on earlier periods, a relationship that later was broken, while it...

El Rey Archaeological Zone

Quintana Roo

El Rey is the most important pre-Hispanic settlement in the island area of Cancún. The explored section that includes f...

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