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The place that today occupies the Legislative Palace was originally the San Clemente Marquesal Palace, built in 1753 by Don Francisco Matías de Busto y Moya, first Marquis of San Clemente.

In 1831, by means of a decree issued by the State Congress, the building was declared the venue of the Congress, the Judiciary Power, the Council of Government, of the Government Accounting and for the Tithes, the Town Hall and the Secretariat.

This building was demolished in 1897, and by initiative of Governor Manuel Gómez de Linares, it began the construction of what is now known as the Palace of the Powers.

The remodeling works were directed by the English architect Cecilio Luis Long, who was commissioned to build what would be the new headquarters of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Guanajuato. It was the 20th Legislature, on October 27, 1903, which officially inaugurated the venue.


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