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The building that houses the Museum of the Light built by the Company of Jesus between 1576 and 1603 as an important part of the Maximum School of Mexico and called San Pedro and San Pablo served as temple during 164 years, until the expulsion of the Jesuits.
On this site was installed the Constituent Congress on 24 February 1822. On May 21 of that year the independence general Agustin de Iturbide gave an oath before it. When the Congress moved to the National Palace, the building was used as a library, college, military barracks, fodder store, café cantante and correctional school, among other uses.
In 1922 José Vasconcelos installed the hallo of free discussions and entrusted Jorge Enciso and Roberto Montenegro the decoration of pilasters, arches and vaults. To this latter we owe the mural called Tree of Science or Tree of Life that you can still appreciate inside the building. In the cupola chapel is located The Zodiac, painted by Xavier Guerrero. To date are preserved the stained glass windows designed by them and built by Eduardo Villasenor.
From 1944 to 1977 it housed the Hemeroteca Nacional. After almost 20 years of neglect, the UNAM granted the use of the building to Universum to found the Museum of the Light. As from November 18, 1996, it is a space where light is the main protagonist.


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