Main Theatre of Puebla

  • CATEGORY: Theater
  • PHONES: (222) 232 6085, 232 2686


The Main Theatre of Puebla is the oldest theatre in Mexico. It was inaugurated in 1761. 1902 the building was damaged by a fire and was temporarily closed. Later it was remodeled and re inaugurated in 1940. Afterwards, it was remodeled once again by the Architect Miguel Pavon Rivero, and re inaugurated in November 17, 1960. Here, events such as: plays, opera, concerts, dance shows, festivals, variety shows, children shows, conferences, and government reports take place.


8 Oriente s/n, esquina con 6 Norte, Col. Puebla Centro, C.P. 72000, Puebla, Puebla


From Monday to Sunday, 08:00 - 17:00 hrs.
Horarios depende de las actividades


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Mtro. Ariel Azuara Campos
Tel. (222) 232 6085, 232 2686