Archeological sites



The main buildings of Tabasqueño are distributed in three groups whose constructions indicate characteristics of the Chenes architectural style. I...

San Miguel Ixtapan

Estado de México

The site is in a zone with deposits of basaltic prisms, which were used for its construction; fertile land and one of the greatest sources of flow ...

Tres Cerritos


In Trees Cerritos there was at least two periods of occupation. In the first one, the site served as an important ceremonial center, the ceramic el...

Tlatelolco Archaeological Zone

Ciudad de México

Tlatelolco means “mound of sand”, and was the most important commercial center of Pre-Hispanic Mexico; its name translated to Náhuatl is inter...



The most important aspect of the site is its pictorial development; the main painting art expression was captured in Structure 1, known as “of t...



After the Late Classic period, the influence of Tula unified a vast territory through commerce and conquest. The exten...

Santa Cecilia Acatitla

Estado de México

The site was related to Tenayuca on its early stages, although later on it was under the influence of The Triple Alliance. A Chac Mool sculpture wa...



This site has standing monumental architecture of the Puuc style in its earliest expressions, which enhances its magnificence with vegetation surro...

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