Archeological sites

El Chanal


The remaining architecture of the groups that inhabited this important site consists of ceremonial platforms, plazas, al...

San Miguel Ixtapan

Estado de México

The site is in a zone with deposits of basaltic prisms, which were used for its construction; fertile land and one of the greatest sources of flow ...


Estado de México

This site was conquered by the Mexica near the 1476 CE and had great significance within the route of trade for the region of Tepecoacuilco and the...


Estado de México

This site was built by groups with Otomí origin, it was inhabited during the Late Pre-Classic (850 – 1300 CE) and was a political center that ex...



Huapalcalco had a long occupation through history, from Pre-Historic times, exemplified by the presence of lithic materi...


Quintana Roo

The site is located near five lakes that were essential for its development and survival. The pre-Hispanic city was comm...

San Gervasio

Quintana Roo

With the emergence of Chichén Itzá as a great political and economic regional center, the site joined to an increasing...



Coatetelco was built on the shores of the lake of the same name. It is linked to Xochicalco, although its most significant period was towards the L...

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