Former Convent of Regina

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It was the property of the nuns of Conception in the time of Viceroyalty in Mexico. The building is made up by the Regina Coeli church, which you can visit for free; the former convent where private events are organized, which consists of the Orange Trees Courtyard, Saint Jerome Courtyard, and the Garden of Prints; as well as Concepción Béistegui Hospital.

Although this building has a certain monastic sobriety, the altarpieces and canvases of the chapel stand out, which have been subjects of study by specialist in Viceregal art. On 1863, the nuns were expelled, and the properties nationalized. In 1867, President Juárez gave the building to the army. The last owner was Concepción Béistegui, who adapted the place as a hospital.

Outside this building there is a square of the same name with different parlors, restaurants, and bars with a bohemian ambient. Already in the 16th century it was known as the Little Square of Regina.



Regina No. 7 , Col. Centro (Área 8), C.P. 6080, México, Ciudad de México


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