El Hormiguero Cultural Center

  • CATEGORY: Cultural Centers
  • PHONES: 55 5131 5753


An initiative that promotes the communication and development of networks between neighbors for the cultural and social development of our space through free activities in different disciplines (theatre, literature, dance, and cinema), for different types of public (youths, adults, children, seniors, persons with disabilities).

It is a space for the free creation and expression for independent artists and companies. It is a point for the encounter between the community and the artistic sector.

It is a space to think and reflect about our current state from different points of view, where the audience finds accessible and intelligent discourses and the artist dialogues directly with the community.


Gabriel Mancera No. 1539. Colonia Del Valle , México, Ciudad de México


From Monday to Sunday, 10:00 hrs.


Tel. 55 5131 5753