Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption


This building comes from 1704 and was finished on 1738, and it was known as the Church of the Assumption.

The Cathedral is a splendid sample of the colonial architecture, whose work in Solomonic Baroque style was developed under the auspice of the Parish Priest Manuel Colón de Larreategui. The construction is made up by two twin towers showing a Neoclassical style in their curved fronts. The interior has the base of a basilica, with three cupolas, abundant decoration with plant motifs and reliefs in mortar. Stands out a beautiful cypress of white marble, which harbors the image of the Virgin of the Assumption, patron of the city. It has a beautiful choir and episcopal throne in the posterior part of the main altar. It was chosen as the episcopal seat of the diocese on 1899.


De La República 107, Col. Zona Centro, C.P. 20000, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes


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