Cerro de Trincheras

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Cerro de Trincheras is the most impressive site in Sonora, from the point of view of its monumentality. It was a cultural area of ​​Oasisamerica, which included part of the southwest of the United States and the north of Mexico; it was inhabited, like Mesoamerica by sedentary agricultural groups that came to possess complex cultural manifestations.

It is characterized for being a modified hill with more than 900 terraces, with dimensions ranging from 10 to 15 meters, but which can reach 150 meters in length. The walls of the terraces and of the different constructions lack mortar or cement, that is to say, the rocks are placed one on top of the other making exclusive use of gravity, and they reach up to three meters high.

The Cerro de Trincheras has three outstanding structures: the first is located near the base of the hill, that is La Cancha, this space is a communal area. The second is El Mirador structure, which thanks to the archaeological evidence it was determined that this area was occupied by an elite group, since special ornaments of uncommon use were found there.


Boulevard Joaquín Murrieta y Calle Sonora S/N, Col. Trincheras, C.P. 83930, Trincheras, Sonora


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Arqlgo. Sergio Adrián López Dávila, Jefe de la Zona Arqueológica Cerro de Trincheras / Centro INAH Sonora 01 (662) 217 2580 y 217 2714
Tel. (641) 325 6018


From the City of Hermosillo, capital of the state of Sonora, take the Federal Highway No. 15 to the north, in the direction of Nogales. In the town of Santa Ana take the detour to the west towards Caborca through highway 2 until the booth at kilometer 40 (Santa Ana-Caborca) passing 3.5 kilometers is located towards the southwest, the town of Trincheras is located 22 kilometers from this detour. In Trincheras, continue along the entrance street (Boulevard Joaquín Murrieta), in a straight line to the site where the Visitor Center of the archaeological zone is located, whose address is Boulevard Joaquín Murrieta and Sonora Street.