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Plazuelas is a site located in the foothills of the Hills of Pénjamo in Guanajuato. It’s a settlement that like others in the north of Mexico were not directly affected by the decline of the Teotihuacan hegemony in the nuclear area of Mesoamerica, on the contrary, these settlements were benefited by strengthening their commercial networks and the domain of their territories that, although small, had political stability. Placed on soft low hills crossed by two rivers, the site has a Ballgame on the west hillside, while in the east there is an annular structure known as El Cajete, and a set of three pyramidal basements. To the south there is another Ballgame which communicates thought a road with an architectural set with pyramidal basements and a sunken patio known as Casas Tapadas (Covered Houses) and that constitute the most important architectural set of this archaeological zone. One of the peculiarities of this site is that in one of the hillsides there is a great rock outcrop which was used by ancient habitants of Plazuelas to engrave a series of geometric and zoomorphic motifs besides, scale models, one of them exactly reproduced the architectural set of the covered houses. Chronology: 600 to 900 CE. Main chronological location: Late Classic, 600 to 900 CE.


Road to Las Plazuelas Km. 2+600, San Juan el Alto Plazuelas, Municipality of Pénjamo. Entrance through the junction with the Km. 63+300 (approximately) of the Road No. 90 (Pénjamo -La Piedad de Cavadas).,, Guanajuato


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Tel. (473) 733 1069, 733 0857 y 733 0858 / Centro INAH Guanajuato