Hidalgo Park

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It is possible that the origin of this space goes back to the early half of the 17th century; it was until the las third of the 19th century that a bare and desolate square called Of Jesus, because of its closeness to the church of the same name. In that square, on the early years of the 1870, the people gathered on each Holy Friday to witness the staging of the Passion of Christ, and was a field for military exercises.

On August 1871, the Governor Manuel Cirerol y Canto promoted the creation of the second park in the city of Mérida in this place, turning it into a beautiful square with a fountain.

On 1877, the City Hall officially called it Hidalgo Park, maybe as a tribute to the priest Miguel Hidalgo, or as a memorial to the place where the peaceful indigenous population gathered; they were called Hidalgos because they helped the creole population in the war against their own people who rose against them. On 1896, an artistic fence was placed, the fountain was eliminated, and in its place was erected a statue of General Manuel Cepeda Peraza, so the laurel trees were removed and were planted almond trees, which remain until today.


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