Church of Saint Augustine, Historic Centre

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The Old Convent of Saint Augustine was one of the largest and most important there were in New Spain, its fame came from its Augustinian founders, and the renowned figures of the art and science that it harbored and gave refuge. The church that is preserved today is the second that was built for this religious order, because the first was destroyed by a fire. Its style is Doric-Roman with details in Renaissance style. In its architecture stands out its squared shape with three naves and eight chapels. The first stone was placed by the Viceroy Archbishop Brother Payo Enríquez de Rivera, on May 1677, and its construction was finished until 1692.

On April 1884, today’s National Library was installed in the church, and the exterior walls of the church were remodeled, following the style of the main façade, and the entire atrium was turned into a garden.


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