Convent of Saint Louis Bishop of Toulouse

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The complex was built between 1585 and 1591. It has a single nave with a polygonal head. The open chapel, has a trapezoidal plant that was left unfinished. Its interior has a proto-Renaissance style, and is decorated with motifs with an Italian origin, and figures that seem to be taken from the indigenous bestiary. It also has a portrait of Martín of Valencia, the possible author of the architectonic complex, and one of Saint Claire, founder of the feminine section of the Franciscan order.

The only relevant event in Tlalmanalco’s history that justifies the construction of such elaborate structure in the open chapel is the cult to the remains of Martín of Valencia. The fame of his miracles and visions spread to such degree that his tomb was opened several times, for the curious visitors. On 1567, in the presence of Mendieta, the tomb was opened again and, to the dismay of the spectators, it was found that only preserved some pieces of the wooden coffin.


Fray Martín de Valencia 9, Col. Tlalmanalco, C.P. 56700, Tlalmanalco, Estado de México


Tel. (597) 977 5258