Hidalgo House, former Parish of Dolores


On October 3rd, 1803, Miguel Hidalgo arrived to the village of Dolores to receive the parish. He first lodged in the house he inherited from his brother José Joaquín, but on the next year he moved to the one the priest José Salvador Fajardo ordered to be built on 1779. Hidalgo lived there until 1810.

The events that made the house famous were some of the conspiratorial gatherings that hurried the burst of the armed movement once the conspiracy of Querétaro was discovered.

After Hidalgo’s departure to San Miguel el Grande, the house was sacked. Once the Independence was consummated, it went back to the church, until 1859, when it became private property. On June 1863, Benito Juárez, passed through Dolores on his way to San Luis Potosí, and declared the house a national monument. Since that day it is known as Hidalgo House.


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