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This area is important because it is located at the borderline between the Acolhua region, and the Tlaxcalteca province. One of its most interesting features is that, accordingly to the archaeological evidence, the local inhabitants of the site captured a Spanish convoy that was part of the expedition of Pánfilo de Narváez, who had the task of apprehending Hernán Cortés. In the site were found and identified bones of men, women, Spanish children and African-American people who were part of the convoy, besides some of the European objects they brought with them.


Camino a Tecoaque Km. 0 + 540 (aprox.), Ejido de San Marcos Guaquilpan, San Felipe Sultepec, Municipio de Calpulalpan, C.P.90224. Tlaxcala. Acceso al camino desde el Km. 33 de la Carretera Federal tramo Texcoco-Calpulalpan. Tlaxcala


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