Boca de Potrerillos

  • CATEGORY: Archeological sites
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The site Boca de Potrerillos consists of relevant archaeological remains and thousands of rock elements with petroglyphs that preserve the memory of the ancient settlers. Its inhabitants survived for over 8 thousand years through the hunting, fishing, and harvesting, therefore the rock art images are related to the cult of nature and the respect for it, and must have been made during the celebrations devoted to hunting, the initiation rites, changes of leadership, and other transcendent aspects in the indigenous worldview of the region.



Camino a la Zona Arqueológica Boca de Potrerillos Km 3 + 500, Ejido de Potrerillos, Municipio de Mina, Nuevo León. Acceso al camino desde el Km. 45 + 900 de la Carretera Federal No. 53 Monterrey-Monclova. Nuevo León


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Tel. 01(81) 8333 9751, 8333 9588, 8333 4651, Centro INAH Nuevo León 01


From the city of Monterrey take Highway No. 53 to Monclova towards northwest passing through the towns of "Carmen", "Abasolo", "Hidalgo" and "Mina" until finding the road sign to the archaeological site, approximately in the Km. 45.9, continue through the dirt road towards the west for about 3.5 km [2 miles] to the signpost of the parking lot at the entrance of the archaeological site.