Santa Rosa Xtampak

  • CATEGORY: Archeological sites
  • PHONES: 01 (981) 816 9111, 816 8179 y 816 9136 Ext. 138016 y 138017


The site is considered as one of the most important regional capital of the Chenes region. It is consisted of several altars, stelae carved with event dates, sculptures, pyramidal base constructions and a sacbé (pre-Hispanic road) that communicates the two main architectural complexes. In this ancient city are located all the “atypical” features of the region, particular elements that small cities nearby do not have.


La zona arqueológica Santa Rosa Xtampak se encuentra cerca del kilómetro 79 de la Carretera Federal No. 261. Para el acceso a la zona, se debe tomar la desviación a un camino pavimentado de 32 kilómetros que lleva directamente al sitio. , Campeche, Campeche


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Centro INAH Campeche
Tel. 01 (981) 816 9111, 816 8179 y 816 9136 Ext. 138016 y 138017 / /


Santa Rosa Xtampak archaeological zone is near to kilometer 79 of the Federal Highway 261. To reach the zone, take the detour to a paved 32 km [20 miles] road that leads directly to the site.