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The Museum of Contemporary Indigenous Art harbors works of 12 ethnic groups of Mexico: Rarámuri, Yoreme, Yaqui, Purhépecha, Huichol, Mazahua, Otomí (or Hñahñu), Nahua, Mixtec, Tzotzil, Tzeltal, and Zapotec, besides a space dedicated to the cultural community of Mata Ortiz, and another for the peoples of Morelos. We can appreciate textiles, pottery, wood carving, and ceramic, unique pieces of author, contemporary, dynamic, and futuristic.

The collection belongs to the foundation Pro-Niño Marginado N.G.O., and is made up by 284 works which were exhibited in Canada, United States, and different cities in Mexico. Today, the Autonomous University of Morelos is the custodian of its protection, preservation, research, and exhibition.

The building it occupied today comes from the 16th century. It has had several uses along its 5 centuries of history. Its importance lies in that it’s the oldest civilian building of Morelos street, in downtown Cuernavaca. The recovery of the building reflects the typology of space of the houses in the capital on the 17th century.


Av. Morelos 275, Col. Cuernavaca Centro, C.P. 62000, Cuernavaca, Morelos


From Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.
entrada general $5 estudiantes, maestros, INAPAM con credencial vigente.




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