José Rojas Garcidueñas Reading Center


The purpose of this modern space, located in the city of Salamanca, is to offer the citizens a place for the encouragement of reading and the formation of new readers through an ample offer of printed and digital books, as well as apps and other electronic formats.

The Reading Center, for which the PNSL gave one thousand printed books, besides other electronic formats, has a special importance because it remains as a space that, following the most successful reading encouragement model in Mexico, not only attends the inhabitants of Salamanca, but also to the inhabitants of an entire region of the Bajío: a megalopolis made up by the states of Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, and Querétaro, including the Highlands of Jalisco, the eastern part of Michoacán, and the central region of San Luis Potosí.

Its spaces:

El Erudito y el Jardín (The Scholar and the Garden) Family Reading Room, a space for all ages, with a capacity for 114 persons. It has a scenario where storytelling sessions, readings, book presentations, can be made, among other reading promotion activities; besides the tables for workshops, couches, beds, and reading capsules, working tables and chairs.

The Digital Reading Room El hallazgo del crítico (The Discovery of the Critic), for persons 6 years or older, with a capacity for 96 persons; digital tables with 48 electronic tablets, modules for audiobooks, and different bookcases.

The De historia minima (Minimal Story) Early Readers’ Room, destined for babies six months old up to children of six years, with a capacity to attend 24 persons, with bookcases, tables, chairs, playing cubes, and reading couches for pregnant women. It includes a babies’ library for infants 6 months up to two years and a half of age.

Another space is the Las cosas claras (The Clear Things) Training Room, destined to train reading promoters and facilitators, as well as librarians and all persons involved in this subject, it can harbor up to 22 persons.


Avenida Leona Vicario , esquina con Villafranca, Col. Valle Verde, C.P. 36790, Salamanca, Guanajuato


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