Church of San Matías Jalatlaco

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In the neighborhood of Jalatlaco one can visit the Church of San Matías Jalatlaco. It isn’t possible to establish with precision the date of its construction, but it possible that it was on the 17th century. Its present aspect is the result of a reconstruction started at the end of the century and concluded on 1713, according to what the date recorded in the main door. It was originally consecrated to Saint Catherine, and dedicated to Saint Matthias on 1700, and it had a cemetery that ceased its functions on the time of the Reformation.

The church is very modest, it has a single nave oriented from south to north, with no transept nor a dome. Its four parts are covered by semi-round barrel vaults with lunettes, which enabled the placement of tall lateral windows.

The charm of the church lies in its cover. On the left side of the frontal façade rises a bell tower with curious pilasters in the corner, where the indigenous artisans freely interpreted the plant motifs of the Corinth capitals.


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