Teodoro Cano Museum


The Cultural Complex is named after master Teodoro Cano. This space was inaugurated on December 14, 2007 with the help of Petroleos Mexicanos and the Government of the State of Veracruz. Currently, it houses a total of 22 works made in different techniques by the master Cano. The Cultural Center is constituted by the following spaces: a museum, a temporary exhibition room and a main auditorium.

In this space is where we find the main works by Teodoro Cano. The area of 300 sq. meters allows to share a place for archeology which display replicas and original figures that have been donated to this museum. Of utmost importance is the historical memory; for this, it has a space meant for images of the city of Papantla in the early and mid-twentieth century. The pictures have belonged to families and their historical content shows the daily life, economic and cultural life of the city in different decades of the last century, which have been in protection of the complex. The worldview of the Totonaca culture is reflected in a replica of a traditional kitchen made with natural materials from the region, jar (bamboo) and palm. Finally, you can appreciate a place meant for the traditional dress and costumes of the most representative dances of Totonacapan.

The museum houses pre-Hispanic replicas in clay, a great part of them are works done by the graduate students of the plastic arts workshop of the University of Veracruz. It can also be seen portraits of Mtro. Cano made in pencil by illustrious figures of Papantla.


Rodolfo Curti 101, Col. Papantla Centro, C.P. 93400, Papantla, Veracruz


From Monday to Saturday, 08:00 - 20:00 hrs.
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Mtro. Erik Alí Castillo Cerecedo


June 07 to December 31 2021

January 28 to December 31 2021

November 17 2020 to September 30 2021

September 23 2020 to December 31 2021

July 21 2020 to December 31 2021