National Photographic Library (Former Convent of San Francisco)


In 1976, the government of Mexico acquires the Casasola Archive, a photo collection of great historical and artistic value for the country, especially for its record of the revolutionary movement of 1910. That same year, the collection was given to the National Institute of Anthropology and History and on November 20 was placed in the former convent of San Francisco in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico which had been restored and adapted to the needs of the newly created archive.

The National Photographic Library constitutes to date the most important photographic collection of Mexico and one of the most relevant internationally since it holds around 900 thousand phots from different acquisitions and donations that, gathered in 41 funds, represent the work of more than 1000 authors and cover a time arch covering from 1874 to this day. This historic and thematic range makes possible to review the most significant social, political and artistic episodes of Mexico as well as the daily life, the way the landscape changed, the urban development and the slow transformation of the identity of its people.


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