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The Duke Herdez Our Cuisine Gallery was inaugurated in 2000 in coordination with El Papalote Children’s Musuem. As a gastronomic tour through the cuisine of Mexico, this museum has four halls: the first one is a pre-Hispanic cuisine that exhibits the gastronomic roots and culinary habits of that time. It is set with original kitchenware from the Museum of Anthropology and History that belong to Teotihuacan culture. The second hall is a Viceroyal cuisine with the culinary mix native cuisine went through with the arrival of new products, ingredients and kitchenware that the Spaniards brought to Mexico. The modern age is represented in the third hall showing the impact industrialization had with running water available, electricity and gas inside Mexican kitchens. Finally, there is a proposal about the kitchen of the future and technological advance and how it can influence on Mexican culinary culture. The exhibit is completed with interactive devices and computers in which the visitor can see recipes and broaden their knowledge.


Seminario 18, esquina con Moneda, Col. Centro (Área 6), C.P. 6060, México, Ciudad de México


From Monday to Saturday, 09:00 - 17:00 hrs.
INAPAM y maestros; gratuito, estudiantes $10.00, presentando credencial vigente




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