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The San Luis Potosi Railroad Museum was inaugurated in August 12th, 2009. This place aims to highlight the importance of historical places such as the old train station, a symbol of the effort and hard work that give form to San Luis Potosi.

Its objective: To consolidate a place in order for it to preserve the historical memory, and to be a lasting homage to the men who made, and make, possible the train, and who keep it as one of the most important transport for our country (because of its impact in cities, towns, and communities); a homage to the development of the train culture and to the social impact of passenger transportation. The preservation of the building is another of the tasks of the museum; as an example of the art deco architecture, and as an iconographic element that preserves the history of many generations that walked its aisles.

Its mission: To strengthen the national culture and to promote popular culture thanks to one of the most important mediums of transportation, because of its impact in the economic, political, and social development of the country, and also its evolution and influence in the life of the country, through the research, diffusion, exhibition, and preserving of the railroad patrimony.

Its vision: To use the infrastructure of the building (thanks to its dimensions and characteristics, the long railroad tradition of San Luis Potosi, its location in the centre of Mexico, as a cross-road and strategic point in the transportation routes) in order to consolidate the museum as the most important center for the research, documentation, and knowledge about railroads in the central part of Mexico.


Manuel José Othón s/n, esquina con Chicosein, Col. San Luis Potosí Centro, C.P. 78000, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí


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