Arms Square of Morelia

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The Arms Square or Martyrs Square, drawn as the Main Square by Juan Ponce in the XVI century, is located on Madero Avenue, next to the metropolitan Cathedral in the center of the city. Since the XVII century, people such as Jose Guadalupe Salto and Miguel Gomez were publicly punished in this place; the former was an army insurgent colonel and the latter a parish priest and both were accused of supporting the independence movement that started in 1810. Other politicians were sacrificed there in 1830; hence, people evoke it as a martyrs place. Later on, it became a market and a trade center. During the XX century, several architectural modificationswere carried out in its spaces. Currently, it used as a place for massive civil, religious and sport celebrations. The design of its central kiosk, built in 1887, includessurrounding diagonal paths, jardinières, pilaster lights and pink stone benches, as well as pink stone fountains placed in some important spots.


Francisco I. Madero S/N, esquina con Abasolo, Col. Morelia Centro, C.P. 58000, Morelia, Michoacán


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