J. Guadalupe Velázquez Conservatory

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As one of the most ancient educational and artistic institutions of Queretaro, the Conservatory is recognized and renowned due to its hard work as nonprofit civil association. It offers an educational alternative, with low cost, carrying out the social goals of its foundation. Nowadays it offers a Music degree (Reg. LU46080) with a program based on musical skills and complete development so the graduates can be able to read and perform high level masterpieces, with corporal and scenic training, with Psycho educational and research knowledge. Expanding its job spectrum as future teacher and/or Instrumental performer, with early investigation and musical composition knowledge. Besides having a nationwide unique subject, Academic Projects, in which the student learns and practices Management and Development Methodologies for his own projects. Students are also trained on how to appy for a scholarship, to learn general management language for planning, organization, direction, control and evaluation of projects, also the management of them by public and private organizations.


Vergara 15 Bis http://conservatorioqueretaro.blogspot.mx/, Col. Centro, C.P. 76000, Querétaro, Querétaro


From Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 20:00 hrs.
Precio: de acuerdo a la actividad en el recinto.


Benjamín Vega Robles
Tel. (442) 2125984