Museum of Revolution in the North Border (MUREF)


The former customs office of Ciudad Juárez was built between 1885 and 1888. It was inaugurated on September 10th, 1889 with the presence of the personal representative of Porfirio Díaz, Colonel Miguel Ahumada, and the Governor Lauro Carrillo. Here took place the conference between the presidents of Mexico and United States: Porfirio Díaz and William H. Taft, on 1909. On 1911 were signed the Peace Treaties of Ciudad Juárez, which marked the end of the armed conflict of Madero. He installed in this precinct his temporary office as Mexico’s provisional President.

It was inaugurated as History Museum Former Customs Office of Ciudad Juárez, on July 1990. In the remodeling of this museum and its conditioning foe the new project of the museum, hundreds of inhabitants of Juárez gave documents, clothes, and weapons of the time. The museology is based on nine axis: The Mexican nationalism in the border, The Organizing board of the Mexican Liberal Party and the transition to anarchism, Madero’s triumph in Ciudad Juárez, The radicalization in the struggle, Pancho Villa, The revolution of the glance, The border as scenario, Imaginaries, and the Border customs office.


Av. 16 de Septiembre s/n, esquina con Juárez, Col. Ciudad Juárez Centro, C.P. 32000, Juárez, Chihuahua


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Tradition Clothes. For Love to Mexico

June 06 to September 22 2019


April 01 2017 to December 30 2019

The Revolution of the Look

April 01 2017 to December 30 2019

Radicalization of the Fight

April 01 2017 to December 30 2019

The Organizing Board of the Mexican Liberal Party

April 01 2017 to December 30 2019

Border Customs as Protagonist and Witness

April 01 2017 to December 30 2019

The Border as a Stage

April 01 2017 to December 30 2019

Francisco Villa

April 01 2017 to December 30 2019