History and Art Museum Palace of Gurza


The history of the building that houses “The Gurza Palace” and that for almost six decades (1953-2009) was the venue of the “El Sol de Durango” newspaper, dates back to the end of the 18th century and is describe back then as “an old, destroyed, adobe house”. For the time being, it was property of Maria Gertrudis Javiera Barraza, wife of the Lieutenant of City Mayor of Santiago Papasquiaro.
By mid 19th century, the land was bought by the brothers Luis and Antonio Gurza, both successful merchants and agricultural businessman who turned it into a Porfirian residence with large windows for tea time. In this house, built by Antonio Gurza Lopez, lived the family and they were in-laws of Francisco I. Madero, who stayed at this house when visiting Durango. He even organized here the Anti Reelection Party for the 1910 elections. Later, because of the political climate, Antonio Gurza and his family moved to the capital of the country perhaps leaving their nephew Miguel Gurza to take care of the house that left in 1938 when its    got transferred.
The center was open on September 15, 2010 and is formed with the halls: 1. Temporary Exhibit Halls, 2. Museum of Photography in Durango, 3. Museum of Printer and Journalism in Durango, 4. Antonio Gualda Hall, 5. Francisco Montoya de la Cruz Hall, 6. Guillermo Bravo Morán Hall, 7. House of Coin Museum, in addition to housing the Gallery of the State.


Negrete 901 Pte., esquina con Zaragoza, Col. Zona Centro, C.P. 34000, Durango, Durango


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History and Art Musem Palace of Gurza

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