Rafaela Suarez Public Central Library

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Professor Rafaela Suárez was a student of Mathieu de Fossey. She graduated as teacher of first class in 1852, when the participation of women was very limited.

This illustrious educator offered her services to the education for 52 years. She was the director of the Teacher-training School of Mexico and founded the former Teacher-training College in Colima by invitation of the then governor of the state: Ramón R. de la Vega. It is told that during the 21 years the teacher was the director of the Female Teacher-training School of Mexico City, an institution she created, 600 pedagogues graduated.

The Rafaela Suarez Public Central Library, established in 1981 offers to the students and readers of all ages, diverse services to contribute with their cultural development.
It has 45000 volumes that can be consulted in the Library's facilities or, if needed, in the home of the user by means of the home loan.

The Library is made up by different rooms, among them: the children’s area, the general room, the consult room, video library, the children’s computation module, the internet module, and the book-binding and repair workshop.


Calzada Galván y Ejército Nacional , esquina con Ejército Nacional, Col. Colima Centro, C.P. 28000, Colima, Colima


From Monday to Saturday, 14:00 - 20:00 hrs.


Tel. (312) 31 3 0608 / 313 30 24 Biblioteca