Institute of Culture of Baja California

  • CATEGORY: Cultural Centers
  • PHONES: (686) 553 50 44 y (686) 582 00 83


The general aim of the Baja California Institute of Culture is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the state, favor the access and participation of the citizens in cultural events within a frame of respect of diversity that identifies the state of Baja California.

In its role as promoter and facilitator the Baja California Institute of Culture, in partnership with various levels of government, society and related institutions, foster the conditions for a sustained cultural and artistic development that allows citizens to express, act, create and affirm their identity, thus promoting the improvement of quality of life in the state.

The Baja California Institute of Culture is an institution that has the human, professional, highly trained resource, through inclusive dialogue and consensus shares the responsibility to create the necessary conditions to reinforce culture, preservation of property and values expressed, and of the services that promote the enjoyment of all Baja California citizens as a substantial element for social development.


Álvaro Obregón 1209, Col. Nueva, C.P. 21100, Mexicali, Baja California


From Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 hrs.


Entrada libre.


Mauro Quintero, Jefe del depto. de Comunicación
Tel. (686) 553 50 44 y (686) 582 00 83