San Ildefonso Cathedral

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The first cathedral built in Latin America, the oldest one in Mexico, venue of the archdiocese of the state of Yucatán, simply known as San Ildefonso Cathedral of the Saint Cathedral Church of Mérida City.

It was on November 16th, 1561, when Pope Pius IV, issued the order to build this great precinct as requested by King Phillip II, it was raised and dedicated to San Ildefonso. This temple was built to replace San José Chapel, which only had a roof made with guano; 37 years later, the building of the great venue ended, in 1598, little by little some details were added which have contributed to the look that it now projects. It’s worth mentioning that the only civil symbol it has is a national emblem of the Colonial era.

The building has three halls: a central one, and two laterals. Inside there are three chapels and the sacristy. Originally there were 5 chapels, however some were already demolished. It has two towers of two Moorish style bodies.

The dome is ornamented with arches and pillars. The façade is very serious of Renaissance style.


60 s/n, esquina con entre la calle 61 y Pasaje de la Revolución, Col. Merida Centro, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán


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