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After being empty for several months and considering the importance of the building as one of the main ancestral homes from the last century, the government of the state remodels it and put it to the service of the community as a new space for culture. Located in the heart of the Port of Veracruz on Mario Molina Street between Avenida Independencia and 5 de mayo, it was originally built to house the Jesuit order. Throughout its history, it has had different purposes such as house, commercial house, bank branch and it has had different owners, among them, the Society of Jesus and Paso y Troncoso Family.

The oldest deed of the house is dated in 1776 by Bernardo Francisco del Portal Suárez.

Since early 20th century until 1950, this facility was known as Droguería Veracruzana.

The original churrigueresque style has suffered alterations during its history until presenting an austere baroque style.

The estate known as Casa Principal [Main House], is a stately home located in the former Vicario Street, today Mario Molina in Veracruz, it measures 26 meters at the front and is built in coral stones, red brick and wood. The façade is formed by two levels finished by a balustrade. The interiors preserve in it two stories a colonial style with a high series of arches.


Mario Molina 315, esquina con 5 de mayo e Independencia, Col. Veracruz Centro, C.P. 91700, Veracruz, Veracruz


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