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Historically, the transition between the Early Post-Classic and the Late Post-Classic (1200 CE) is characterized in the center of Mexico by the arrival of the Nahua in the state of Morelos. The Xochimilcas occupied Tepoztlán, as well as other territories at the northeast of the state. During this period, the town of Tepoztlán functioned as the head of an estate that to the north was limited by Xochimilco, to the west by Cuauhnáhuac (today Cuernavaca), to the south by Yautepec and Xiuhtepec, to the east by Totolapan and Tlayacapan. The name of Tepozteco comes from Tepoztécatl, which, according to the Mesoamerican myth, was one of the children that the Gods of the Pulque, Mayahuel and Pantécatl, had. All of them were associated to fertility cults, since they all belonged to the group of Tlaloque (manifestations of Tláloc, God of the Rain) as deities of the hills. In this context, the location of the site at the top of a hill should be interpreted as part of a cult to the deities of the water. In 1452 the estate of Tepoztlán was conquered by the Tenochca Tlatoani: Moctezuma Ilhuicamina.


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From Mexico City take Federal Highway No. 95; take the detour to Cuautla, Federal Highway No. 115, and at 8.5 kilometers (5 miles) arrive at Tepoztlán. From the city of Cuernavaca, take Cuernavaca-Tepoztlán highway. On the northern limit of Av. del Tepozteco; visitors can climb on foot to the top of the Cerro del Tepozteco.