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Teopanzolco is an archaeological site of the valley of Morelos, whose earliest evidence of occupation can be traced back to the Middle Post-Classic. However, the architectural and ceramics remains of this place indicate that the first settlement was destroyed and on its remains, buried under the floor of the square, the new buildings were built, corresponding to the Late Post-Classic. The first settlers of Teopanzolco were possibly Tlahuica, as mentioned in the written sources of the 16th century. At the arrival of the Mexicas who occupied this region, it was built new temples, palaces and houses. Among them, it stands out a high base, on whose top was the temples to Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli. Unfortunately, the growth of the modern city of Cuernavaca, deleted many evidences of the original extension of this settlement and the magnitude of its construction during the peak of its development. In the bordering lands of the archaeological site have been detected traces of walls and archaeological materials that broaden the information about the history of this place in the pre-Hispanic period. Main chronological location: Medium and Late Post-Classic, 1200 to 1521 CE.


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From Mexico City take the Highway No. 95 D (México-Acapulco) to Cuernavaca take the exit to Cuernavaca Centro, then take Poder Legislativo Avenue and toward the east to Río Balsas. You can reach the site by public transport.