Cuauhnáhuac Regional Museum (Palace of Cortés)


The Cuauhnáhuac Regional Museum occupies the imposing Palace of Cortés, a monument that concentrates the most rich and complex historical legacy of the state of Morelos. On 1531, Hernán Cortés commissioned its construction to use it as his family household as well as the seat for the Marquisate of the Valley of Oaxaca. Today, it is one of the oldest civilian buildings that are kept in Mexico.

The Palace of Cortés can be appreciated in two dimensions: the first one, from the architectonic point of view, which takes us to the different stages of its construction on the 16th century. Built over the ruins of the Dominion of Cuauhnáhuac, afterwards, it was destined for its use as a catholic temple, the palace of the conqueror and his family, a jail, Palace of the Republic, and headquarters for the State Government. The second one is made up by its status as museum and cultural center since 1974, because it maintains among its walls an important collection of paleontological, archeological, historical, and artistic goods, which describe the evolution of the state of Morelos.








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