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The first general news date 1526 when the Guerrero family ceded houses to the Dominican friars to live in while the church and convent were finished in a land in front of the houses. In 1571, the property belonged to Juan Velásquez de Salazar, Alderman of the New Spain, who let the facilities to the Tribunal of the Holy Office. Between 1680 and 1695 Juan Montero, Grand Master of the Holy Office, began some repairs to make it the home for the blessed. Pedro de Arrieta, Grand Architect and overseer of the Trade, was in charge of the next remodeling that prevail till today.

With the triumph of Liberalism on February 22, 1813, the Tribunal of the Inquisition was abolished and the Mexico City Town Hall established there the Lottery.

In 1922, the National Congress enacted the Constitution of 1821 decided to honor the memory of the fallen heroes of the war of liberation and reward the survivors. Leona Vicario applied for the restitution of a part of the goods that had been confiscated by the viceregal authorities. The Congress accepted the proposal and granted her the Ocotepec Hacienda in Apam, and two houses in Mexico City: the number 10 at the Old Casa de Cocheras; nowadays, Colombia, and the number 37 in Brasil Street, old street of Los Sepulcros de Santo Domingo. Here she lived with Andrés Quintana Roo until the time of her death on August 21, 1842.

Guillermo Prieto says in his Memoirs that the house was ideal to split it in two as it was used back then, so Leona and Andrés lived in the upper part and rented the lower. Their first tenant was Antonio López de Santa Anna.

This house was an art gallery, site museum, and venue for the Santo Domingo Cultural Center, organization under the authority of the National Institute of Fine Arts. In 1991 the National Center of Information and Literature Promotion, today the National Coordination of Literature was founded.


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