Mexico City’s Zócalo (Main Square)


This square, beyond being the seat for the political, economic, and religious power in Mexico, as well as a space where the indigenous and Viceregal past, with over 4 centuries of history, blend, it is also the place where the Mexican people gathers to celebrate feasts or protests. It is the place where Mexicans become part of history; in Pre-Hispanic times, with Aztec rites and ceremonies; in the Viceregal period, with the proclamation of kings and viceroys; and on Independent times, during the celebrations of the Independence Day, the welcoming to chiefs of state, protests, or cultural events. In this way, the Mexico City’s Zócalo is the heart of a culture, and each heartbeat, a day in its history.


Plaza de la Constitución s/n, Col. Centro (Área 1), C.P. 6000, México, Ciudad de México


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December 14 2019 to January 06 2020

Residente - Radical Mestizo

December 08 2019

Radical Mestizo

December 07 to 08 2019

Defending the Joy, Organizing the Rage

November 18 to December 06 2019