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On November 20th, 2000, President Ernesto Zedillo revealed the plaque alluding to the bestowing of the name: Library of Mexico José Vasconcelos. Also present in the act were the president of CONACULTA, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, and its director: Eduardo Lizalde.

In the 21st century, the vocation of the Library of Mexico as a space meant for the establishment of personal libraries of renowned intellectuals of our country, stands as the best opportunity to develop an intervention to the building under the project called: The Citadel: City of the Books. A precinct destined to acknowledge the praiseworthy labor of those who created and delved in its splendid libraries whose importance and quality can call upon new and each time more numerous readers. In this way, on 2011-2012 were established the Personal Libraries of José Luis Martínez, Antonio Castro Leal, Jaime García Terrés, Alí Chumacero and Carlos Monsiváis.

The transformation of the cultural project, and of service, of Library of Mexico José Vasconcelos, was conceived with a vision of modernization that considers the use of new technologies, together with an infrastructure that enables to open better options of preservation for the bibliographic materials in benefit of a larger number of users.


Plaza de la Ciudadela 4, esquina con Avenida Balderas, Col. Centro (Área 4), C.P. 6040, México, Ciudad de México


From Monday to Sunday, 08:00 - 19:30 hrs.


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